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Buy Speed Drug

Buy Speed Drug

If you are looking forward to buy speed drug, it is important to understand several things about it. Speed is a drug that attacks the reward system of the user’s brain to produce a positive sensation  that can be very addictive. Using this drug can lead to social, health, and financial problems.

What is speed?

You can classify speed as a stimulant because it speeds up the messages going from and to the brain. It belongs to the amphetamine family of drugs. A doctor can prescribe some of these drugs to treat conditions such as narcolepsy while others including speed and crystal meth are illegal. Speed powder color ranges from brown to white and may contain some traces of pink and grey. Speed ingredients vary from one maker to another so one cannot really tell how strong a dose is. Additionally, it has a bitter taste and strong smell, and you take it via injection, snorting, or smoking.

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Speed effects

Speed comes with many physical effects to the user such as irregular breathing and heart rate, loss of appetite that leads to weight loss, increased libido, among others. Most users take speed to feel happy and pumped, feel more alert, and boost their energy levels.

You feel the effects immediately you smoke or inject the drug, or after 30 minutes after swallowing or snorting. The high will last for up to six hours depending on the dose. Coming down on speed can take days with effects such as paranoia, headaches, hallucinations, exhaustion, poor sleep, depression and problems.

Speed users often, overheat, sweat, and grind their teeth.

If you take speed for an extended period, you will lose weight, develop kidney problems, develop dental issues, and get addicted among others. Sometimes heavy users develop psychosis that disappears when they quit taking speed.

How long does speed stay in your system

Speed will show up in speed drug test for 2-3 days. However, the amount you take determines this period.

Speed drug history

A Romanian who loved using speed in the 19th century first synthesized the drug. However, he kept the invention secret to prevent authorities from banning it. In the 50s, the Americans discovered that if their war soldiers took enough speed, it would make them amoral killing soldiers, which helped them win wars. Authorities banned the drug across the world in the 70s.

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Buy Speed Drug

The difference between speed and ice

Note that both of them are different forms of a drug known as meth or methamphetamine, a stimulant made from readily available chemicals.  The significant difference between these substances is purity. Ice is around 80% pure while speed is 10-20% pure. Additionally, speed comes in a yellow or white powder form as well as pills. On the other hand, ice is a colorless to white crystals or a crystal-like powder but can also come in other colors.

Speed drug names

Speed is known by different names among different people and areas. Below are some of the names:

  • Chalk
  • Crank
  • Go
  • Meth
  • Glass
  • Yellow powder
  • Redneck cocaine
  • Yellow Barn
  • Tick-Tock
  • Scootie
  • Tina
  • Spoosh

Types of speed drugs

The type of speed drugs differs from one dealer to another. There are injectable speed drugs, smoke-able and the ones that you can snort. It is essential to know the difference because the impacts and implications of these drugs are different. Some will have severe effects if abused, so it is crucial to understand the type you are taking. Studies show that most individuals start with prescription stimulants then begin abusing stronger drugs like meth when they become tolerant to those drugs.

Note that the term speed can be describing many street drugs. It is essential to talk to your dealer to know which drug you are purchasing.

What is speed drug made out of?

Speed is made using chemicals that are readily available. Some of them include hydrochloric acid, ammonia, iodine, caustic soda, among others.

Where to buy speed drug online

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