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How to come down from crystal fast

How to come down from crystal fast

Meth is one of the most addictive, accessible drug made from several ingredients. A CNS stimulant produces a rush followed by intense highness. Making the drug is relatively easy which is why it is one of the most popular illicit drugs primarily in the US.  Knowing how to come down from crystal fast is very crucial especially to individuals who are trying to quit. However, before we tell you how to do that, we have discussed some of the essential things you need to know about meth.

What is crystal meth?

It is a stimulant drug with several street names such as ice, chalk, speed, or just meth. The drug is highly addictive and incredibly potent. The 2012 National Study on Drug Use and Health says that about 1.2 million individuals have used meth in one year.

What are the Meth withdrawal symptoms?

Meth has several withdrawal symptoms, which vary based on the amount of drug used or how long the individual has been taking meth. Some of the extreme symptoms are emotional instability, intense cravings, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Other symptoms are a hallucination, night terrors, psychosis, and slow brain cognition among others.

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Crystal meth effects

Meth has several impacts on the user. Apart from resulting in intense high after use, there are other effects such as high sex drive, anxiety and depression, diarrhea and nausea, seizures, overdose, and death, among others.

How to come down from crystal fast

It is worth noting that meth can stay active in your body for 10-12 hours and withdrawal symptoms can start showing after the drug begins to show 12-24 hours after taking the medication. Usually, the first symptom is intense fatigue where you feel exhausted and having low levels of energy.  Disrupted sleeping and eating patterns and you experience mood swings and difficulty concentrating in the first few days after quitting. Agitation, irritability, and sudden behavioral changes might also be some of the symptoms.

Generally, withdrawal symptoms peak in day 2-3 and then start to reduce in the next two. Decreased appetite, anxiety, intense cravings, depression, and difficulty sleeping can continue for weeks and even months.

Does milk help you come down from crystal?

Most people believe milk helps come someone down especially when they abuse illicit drugs. Although there are no substantial studies to show this, most meth users have claimed milk helps with the comedown.

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How to come down from ice

As said earlier, meth is a potent and powerful drug that can stay active in your bloodstream for hours. Come down from ice can be long lasting depending on how often you take meth or the amount of the drug that you took.

Since ice disrupts the normal functions of the CNS, it can be challenging to get it out of the system. Below are some tips when recovering from an ice comedown:

Eat nutritious and healthy meals and drink plenty of water. Meth can reduce your appetite and lead to unhealthy dehydration, weight loss, and therefore depletion of crucial minerals and vitamins in the body. Replacing the nutrients by taking enough water and a well-balanced diet can offer your body proper fuel to recover. In extreme cases, a health practitioner can recommend the use of vitamin supplements.

Ensure you are getting enough sleep. Meth disorients your sleep patterns and getting enough sleep will help with recovery.

Consider holistic methods. There are complementary and adjunctive therapy methods such as yoga that can help with the comedown.

Remain active. Exercising can help with appetite and sleep as well as giving you a positive release for anxiety and stress. Engaging your brain can also help your mind off meth and its comedown.

Go to support group meetings if need be. The group offer encouragement and support as well as tools that will help you deal with the comedown.

Meth for sale

Finding meth for purchase is not always easy especially now that the DEA is willing to eliminate its use among users. However, this does not mean you cannot find meth for sale near you.

How to know top quality meth for sale

Quality matters when it comes to meth. There have been incidences where a meth user has taken low-quality meth made of unknown ingredients, and the effects have been devastating.

For this reason, you should always find a reputable shop. A shop with an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality meth is unlikely to disappoint. They need to maintain a good image, unlike the shoddy dealers who have no standing to lose. You should always conduct proper research to find a shop you can trust. Read as many reviews as possible before choosing the shop you will buy your meth.

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