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Ice Drug Australia

Despite being an illegal substance, meth is a very popular drug in Australia. People seek meth to give themselves a rush or high in their body. Ice drug Australia is a very potent amphetamine that goes by many street names such as crystal meth glass, meth, glass, shabu among others. People either inject it, smoke or snort ice.

Worst Ice towns in Australia

Some cities and areas are notorious for selling meth in Australia. Below are the regional ice hubs:

  • Smithton
  • Katherine
  • Mount Gambier
  • Fyshwick
  • Mandurah

How long does ice stay in your system

The plasma half-life of meth is 12-34 hours, which means that by 12-34 hours, the meth concentration in your blood will reduce in half. Meth leaves your body in 2-10 days. However the more substantial the dose, the longer it takes. The effects of meth use can last for 8-24 hours.

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Chemicals used to make drug ice

Meth makers use several ingredients to make meth. They include:

  • Acetone- it is a compound found in paint thinner and polish remover, and it’s very flammable.
  • Anhydrous ammonia – mostly found in some cleaners and fertilizer
  • Pseudoephedrine/ Ephedrine – mostly found in diet pills and cold medicines
  • Hydrochloric Acid – used to manufacture plastic
  • Lithium found in batteries
  • Red phosphorous found in road flares, matchboxes and other explosives
  • Toluene found in brake fluid
  • Lye or sodium hydroxide used to dissolve roadkill
  • Sulfuric acid

As you can see above, each ingredient used in manufacturing meth is toxic to humans on its own. This means making and using meth is very dangerous.

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Ice Drug Australia
What are the effects of ice on you?

Immediately you take the ice; you begin to:

  • Talk a lot
  • Feel good and have more energy
  • Poke or pick at things regularly, and be restless
  • Be hostile, nervous, agitated, or anxious
  • Hallucinate, get amphetamine psychosis, act weirdly, and confused
  • Some physical effects are feeling sweaty, hand tremors, faster heart rate, and irregular breathing rate

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Long-term effects of abusing ice

  • Brain damage
  • Tooth decay and dry mouth
  • Make users malnourished because of lack of sleep and failure to eat well
  • Ice dependence and addiction
  • Trigger mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and paranoia


How do you know you are addicted to ice?

Ice is very addictive. Below are a few ways to know you are getting addicted:

  • Intense ice cravings
  • Anxiety
  • You need to take the ice to start your day or feel normal
  • You begin developing issues with friends because of ice
  • You start engaging in illegal activities such as stealing to afford ice

If you are a regular ice user and you start developing the above symptoms, it is wise to talk to someone about your drug use. A counselor, doctor or another health practitioner can help.
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Ice statistics Australia 2017/2018

Nationally, 6.3% of Australians aged above 14 years have used meth at least once in their life while 1.4% of Australians aged 14 years and above have used meth in the last one year. Read More

Is the number of people using meth increasing in Australia?

It is tough to determine whether meth/ice use in Australia has increased.

However, studies suggest that overall meth use rates have stayed stable or reduced over the past five years. However, hospital records data show that meth use has increased over time. The number of individuals who specifically use ice on a regular basis has increased from 22-57% from 2010-2016. The number of meth smokers has also risen from 19-42%.

How much will a gram of ice cost you in Australia?

Studies show that ice is becoming a more popular way of taking meth among meth users. The UN Office on crime and drugs reported the average street price per gram of meth was around US$500(A$678). However, there are meth users who say a gram of meth will cost you 300 Australian dollars in rural New South Wales.

Where to buy Ice in Australia

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